Kennedi Bloomquist

Kennedi rocked the field school often sporting her awesome 80’s themed sweater.  In addition to working hard in Peru, Kennedi began to learn the art of surfing.  Kennedi’s vibrant personality and leadership were an asset to the students. Learn more in the video interview about how Kennedi hopes to travel the world doing humanitarian work, … Continue reading Kennedi Bloomquist


The field school has been a, reportedly, amazing experience for all of the participants.  Not only was the group able to conduct research, learn methods and write their own ethnographies, but also got to develop friendships with one another, with local people and with those who made these great experiences possible in addition to seeing … Continue reading THANK YOU!

Jack White

Jack joined the field school after being encouraged by faculty at his alma mater to gain the experience of going on a field school.  Jack graduated with a bachelor’s degree in History and a minor in Anthropology this May.  We all appreciate Jack for his easy-going nature and kind manner.  Jack was good at involving … Continue reading Jack White

Savannah Hill

Savannah hails from the great state of Texas and was drawn to Anthropology after taking a course and sharing a passion with her professor for the information being presented. Savannah enjoys helping other people have a good time, is upbeat and willing to laugh about anything, including herself (she has a great laugh, by the … Continue reading Savannah Hill

Maddie Holland

Maddie has been a ray of sunshine at the field school and the ring-leading dancer at all parties (or created celebrations because of her love for dancing.)  Maddie has gotten in touch with her “inner-hippie” as she has connected with various people who live in Huanchaco including the owner of a yoga/surf hostel.  Maddie plans … Continue reading Maddie Holland

Corpus Christi and San Pedro Festivals

While staying in Huanchaco, there was a beautiful festival celebrated by the national predominant religion, Catholicism, in nearby Trujillo.  We gathered at the Plaza de Armas to witness sand lining the streets painted in beautiful manners all around the square.  On both sides of these long stretches of sand art were Catholic school girls in … Continue reading Corpus Christi and San Pedro Festivals

Gavin Whaley

Gavin was a great addition to the field school with his great traveling experience and passion for learning.  Gavin added personal research of the various peoples and places we met to supplement what we were given by tour guides and interpreters, his enthusiasm throughout the field school has been palpable.  Gavin made many stomachs hurt … Continue reading Gavin Whaley

Anders Hart

Anders came on the field school to experience a different way of living and to study the impact of various knowledge and demographics on the treatment of disease.  Anders has contributed a great level of maturity, wisdom, and humble kindness to the school and we have been lucky to have him. Anders speaks Spanish fluently … Continue reading Anders Hart