Addi Castillo

Addi has been an excellent help to the students in the field school as she readily uses her fluency in Spanish to translate and help students express themselves in addition to conducting her own research and learning.  Addi is quick-witted and ambitious and has added a unique perspective to life in Peru as a Peruvian … Continue reading Addi Castillo

Alycia Beckstrand

Alycia (as you can tell from  The Last Blogpost) is a great storyteller and the members of the field school get to enjoy her creativity not only in crafting a story, but her artistic endeavors.  Alycia is using her artistic talents at the Olla Comun to take family photographs of the members of this community … Continue reading Alycia Beckstrand

Daniel Sykes

Daniel is studying Anthropology with hopes of becoming a professor and an activist. He received a Gilman Scholarship - a competitive scholarship given to students for the purpose of helping them fulfill their desires to study abroad. Daniel has added a unique layer of perspective and is passionate about his learning.  He is always willing … Continue reading Daniel Sykes

McKinley Benson

McKinley is a recent graduate of Utah State University in Anthropology.  She hopes to work with refugees and is working on a project at the field school involving access for people with disabilities.  McKinley has a wonderful laugh that we have the pleasure of hearing often.  She is frequently reaching out a helping hand to … Continue reading McKinley Benson